If you like to keep busy you will enjoy the many local attractions near the Covey Hill Cabin. The circuit du paysan website has a great list of local resources and attractions.

Staying cozy in the winter is no problem at the Covey Hill Cabin.

The Covey Hill circuit on bike

On Covey Hill’s gentle slopes, explore a countryside dotted with history. Honey, mead, beer, wine, red deer, emu, organic products, maple products and products made from the famous apples of the southwestern townships all await you on this delicious route.

Western section (Rockburn): 24 km
Eastern section (Havelock/Saint-Chrysostome): 56 km

PDF Map of the route
More information on the Circuite on Bike

Walking Trails

Abundant wildlife including raccoons, flying squirrels, deer, porcupines, ect...

Bird Watching

While walking through nearby trails, bird watching is unavoidable. There is a lot to see with the abundant bird-life including wild turkeys found on and around the property.

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