Trout Lake, is located in Val-des-Monts just a few minutes from the centre of the newly unified city of Gatineau (Click here to view a map of Val-Des-Monts). Val-des-Monts offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Because of its many lakes and forests, it is a paradise for vacationers. Its mountains, lakes and tourist sites will take your breath away.

If you like to keep busy, there are a lot of activities and attractions in and around the Watson Granary.
Here are some fun things to do in the summer, spring and fall:

If you are visiting the Watson Granary in the winter you can look forward to the following activites:

No matter when you're here you can always visit the colorful town of Wakefield. It's only 20 minutes away with gourmet restaurants, great bakeries, live music at the Black Sheep inn and more.

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A great way to experience the real Canada

Joane Poirier, Belgium.